Open world map 0-0

I know I’m here; somehow
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so back to my bugging everyone for ideas, yay

making a open world map where the main story is hunting down a ghost that is running around.

I’m still forming the smaller details so ideas would be great

helpful comments

  • name ideas for game
  • name ideas for villages and areas
  • ideas for plot
  • ideas for scenery
  • funny things that would make sense to add
  • mechanics that you think should be included

unhelpful comments

  • repeating someone else
  • advertisements
  • thumbnails (might make it myself and even if I’m not will do that at the end)
  • can and will add more if there are problems

ghost quest
finding the phantom
seek the spook
the heist to find the poltergeist


The great ghost hunt
The Dark Forest
Gimbo’s Mansion

You are looking for a ghost that has been haunting the town of Gimbleton, you trace it through different areas and finally confront it at Gimbo’s Mansion, an abandoned mansion where Gimbo/the ghost used to inhabit.

For scenery something kind of dark, like a semi medieval semi modern town where most of the game happens at nightfall.

Maybe cutscenes and animations would be cool, but also maybe like a “haunt” bar which tells you how close you are to clues and stuff.

For funny stuff. I recommend adding the bread of bingleshire, a piece of bread that was burnt in a fire, so now it just floats around the map randomly. And yes I do reccomend this on like any post asking for funny stuff.

Also welcome back! (I still remember you as the person who greeted me to the forums)


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Very glad some of the people who left are coming back-ish for the Summer at least!

Name? = Pursuit of the Spectre (I did not use thesaurus)
Villages + Areas? = NaN
Plot? = There is one wacky guy in town, insert name, who always believed in the unnatural. No one believed him but that might not be so true anymore. A ghost has been starting to haunt adjacent towns and insert name has been on the case. The ghost has been troublesome for months now and eventually it intrudes into your home. There’s no stopping it and your house gets torn down into pieces. For revenge, you decide that you will join the hunt with insert name. But it won’t be anything easy. The only evidence you have is a picture. Or not. Because the ghost didn’t show up in your film. With nothing to go off of and one possibly crazy man/woman, what will happen now?
Scenery? = Maybe the story takes place in a more old time-y era?
Funny Stuff? = A living lamp that seems serious at first but when the dialogue is continued it ends up the lamp just tells a dad joke. Reappears often. (yeah, its corny)
Mechanics? = Evidence finding mechanics (very unspecific ik), A fake boss battle (a boss battle for a ghost but it ends up being a bunch of kids pranking you using a cloth and a chandelier). I’ll definitely come up with more ideas later for this.


plot ideas so far are nice thanks :󠀠)


  1. the ghost should not do anything to the player
  2. medieval seems like the best choice for the villages as its the only one with good props for a town
  3. thinking about making the game take place around water(beach area thing with islands)
  4. might bug everyone with scenery pics again
  5. planning on a little bit of animation (can try the new device when it comes out)

pikachu if your still stalking my forums account for entertainment just stop


Village names:
In the north: Winter themed, probably named gimsburo
In the south: big city, named gimlanta
In the east: another big city, named gimhaten
In the west: a dusty western style village, named gimston. needs a bar named glass-half full.

For a mechanic, how about a Pac-Man like game style? The ghost floats around the map (You can figure out how), but you can only hurt it when an event happens. If the event doesn’t happen, trying to capture the ghost will end up with nothing happening. The event is temporary, has a cooldown, and a limited number of uses, so that the game is strategy based and not speed or luck based. I’m also “working” on an open world game as well! Maybe we can help each other! Anyway, hope this helps!

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A ghost wants to leave the people of gim-top-a-lis petrified with a white face. The player loses family members and friends to this “white-faced” curse. The player finds the ghost trying to petrify the player’s brother but stops it at the last second. The ghost runs away but you have a plan. You set up a dummy and make a ring of salt when the ghost attacks it. This cures the curse from everyone in Gimtopalis. You can then walk around, talking to other people and hear their stories. If you wanted you could make it so the player becomes mayor. Maybe you could even make the ghost high-five ghost from Regular Show or add that as a secret somewhere on the map. A main mechanic that should be added to the game is talking with sentries/npcs. To make the game go longer, make a little boss battle with ghost but defeating him only makes him run away and that’s when you do the dummy trick. The game would be called Whitefaced Horror or something like that.
edit: sorry for the long paragraph and 9:30 pm response

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@ClicClac my current plan for the ghost is that you can only see it at night time also my school blocked padlet so if we work together I need a different site
@The_Time-Keeper might use gimlanta and the western style one we’ll see

also night is the one time where my account is just not active don’t expect me tor respond to things that are late for me


What type of ghost(s) are you planning on adding? I recommend the poltergeist because you can have the fun of having objects thrown. Then it can become a slight memory game!

If you choose the mare, I recommend having yellow and grey/black barriers to show lights. Keep in mind that players need to turn on and off lights too! Also, mares have a chance to turn off lights within a sec of players turning it on.

It would be cool if you make the ghost mechanics as close to phasmo as possible!

Btw you can put your game link in your bio I think

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I have an idea for the ghost’s graphics. Have you ever watched spirited away? That black masked ghost is perfect. Here’s a picture.


You can use it as the ghost you’re chasing, because it really gives a creepy aura. (In my opinion, of course.) Also, welcome back!!

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When you make it can you have it less horror-looking? Otherwise, it’s not made for these 5-year-olds making games and messing up discovery.

And welcome back @Foxy!


I’m pretty good at drawing ghosts… I can tweak it to look less creepy.


A open world game based on strategy isn’t really made of 5 year olds anyway


Lol yes. Also, I remember you being the first reply on my first topic. I’m glad you aren’t leaving.


@TigriRose used to be way to active lol

random poll

what season for the game?
  • winter
  • spring
  • summer
  • fall
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Maybe all of them, you can have changing seasons! If not, I recommend summer.

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