Op Meant to draft mark a solution please

How to make… CRAZY CLASSROOM (𝓒尺𝐀𝔷ץ ᑕᒪ𝔞丂ⓢŘ𝑜oⓂ)

Hello guys… what do I say next again?...

  • Counter
  • Repeater
  • A LOT more I’m too lazy to type

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NOOO I POSTED I MEANT TO DRAFT IT :frowning: awww man.

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bro you can do better…

oh lol nvm

There’s always deleting it…

I’ll give you the benefit of doubt though, as you were probably shocked. But you should have deleted it instead of replying.

You better hurry then :eyes:

if you never posted you could have deleted -_-
instead move to devices and mark a solution


You realize with the goofy title people can’t search for this


i agree its a bit… outrageous

it’s fine they can search crazy classroom it worked I tried

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