One Way Out help please

How do you get the key cards to unlock the side mission

Maybe this guide will help:

And where … :smiley: THankyou

It says access denied…

Oops mb here is full link:

I want to know about actually in owo

Thankyou though @THEHACKER120

vending machine, i think

This other guide might help:

yes yes I linked my own guide

Guys not a way to replacate it.

@B_O_Z_O_28 can you please mark this post as a solution as this post has nothing to do with Gimkit creative. If you need help, just search it up on the internet.

Can someone just answer me though I will but where and how do you get the key cards for owo

for the side mission.

this is only for gimkit creative and fun fact google exists

nvm guys so sorry. bye

Absolutely savage! ZING! Get pwned son! I may have overreacted.

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