One Way Out cash duplication glitch

If you jo in your same game on a different tab on the same account and kill an enemy you gain cash but if you switch over to your other tab your other tabs gim would have gained the same amount of cash.

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I think that’s intentional. When anyone knocks out a sentry, everyone gains 1 cash.

yea but it can be used as a cash dupe glitch

you could have five tabs open all on the same game and have 5x the cash

yup i knew about this one
its kinda anoying to use tho since u can’t drop items for other people, so u have to get all the players to whatever you wanna buy so they can fund it

no you can drop stuff but you have to pick it up fast

Dropped items will only decay in the main area. If you drop them anywhere past the start of stage 1, they don’t disappear.

yea but you can still pick them up in the main area just really fast

other people cant see them though

you should probably move this out of bugs because it’s probably not a bug and other people can’t see them but they can still buy stuff with it

I’m talking about the same account taking the money

no i mean if you are in in multiple tabs and drop all your cash in one tab, you wont be able to pick it up from the other tabs

try, you have to be fast

if u dont want the items to decay just go out of the spawn area

its technically not a dupe becuase the price goes higher depending on how many players are in the game

The price is based on how many players there are at the beginning of the game, so you could start it with only one player, and then joiin a few more times.