One Way Out Based Game Ideas

I think that I found some ideas, it’s gonna be an invade the tower one way out but snowy but magic and I need help with ideas and planning.

Maybe a game where you have to defeat sentries, and as you advance in levels you get upgrades and the game gets more difficult?

Tower Takeover (game name)

You start at level one and sentries are easy to eliminate. You get a zapper at the beginning of the game, and you collect (whatever currency you want) as you go. As you get farther and farther, the game gets harder and more interesting.

Barriers, traps, and lasers all make this a game of unlimited adventure!

Sorry if this sounds nerdy.


I was gonna say a raycaster but you said not hard. Technically a raycaster should be possible. triggers can be chained, which surpasses the block limit and we can set the color of text through blocks. Theoretically, it should be possible.

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If this uses too much energy, an ultimate team tower defense would sound good. Players could collaborate to make cash by attacking other bases and upgrading their bases.

What’s a raycaster? :sweat_smile:

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Agreed, I don’t even know what that is either… :smile:
Sounds insane, though!

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your idea is actually pretty cool, but I’m gonna wait for some more


Alright, thank you.

Not trying to get off-topic, but do you like the Wings of Fire book series? It looks like you have an IceWing on your profile picture!

Make a puzzle game where you have to complete different puzzles around the map to collect objects and escape/move on to the next area! Sort of like Mystery Manor (a GKC map I like a lot)

Noice idea! (Not gonna do it bc I cannot think of puzzles and I don’t have the patience for block coding to make it really good….)

yeah, @California_Love i do like WOF, but my pfp is not an ice wing, its a random dragon I drew, sorta like a snow dragon, not the entire icyness(spikyness) of the ice wing but a softer snow…if you get what I mean… :sweat_smile:


Well if you do end up finding the patience or needing puzzle ideas somewhere else, here’s some:

  • Maze

  • Magic number (pick a random number)

  • Find and push all the buttons!

  • Find numbers to form a passcode

  • Map trivia (can the player remember certain things about the map?


Yes! I like Wings of Fire, too! I’ve read all of the books and look forward to getting the Winter Turning graphic novel this Christmas!

OK, back on-topic.


By the way, this gives me an idea to make a guide on game ideas, by me. (I know there’s tons of them already, but I have some.)


Umm, something based on blox fruits? I mean I could help u if u pick this one so yeah.

what is blox fruits?

a roblox game where you explore the world as either a pirate or a marine.
Use this link for more info: Blox Fruits | Roblox Wiki | Fandom

Is this promoting? Should it be removed?

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oh, well I don’t play Roblox so I’m not that interested….

ok, 20 characters ahhhhh

nah not really because its related to the post/reply