One-Way door for multiple players?

HiI I wanted to make a bit of a “boss fight arena” style thing, where:

  • Player enters, doors lock behind them and boss starts
  • Others can enter but get locked in too
  • If player dies, they can re-enter
  • Once boss is defeated, doors open

How would I go about doing this?

You can use a barrier and turn it on at games start, then add a zone and the barrier visible when the players exit the zone.

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Place a zone at the place you walk in the door. Make it activate the barrier/prop. Make sure the barrier’s scope is set to “player.” This makes it so others don’t get locked out after one player enters.

Connect a lifecycle set to “player knocked out” to the barrier to deactivate it.

Connect the sentry to the barrier via a wire so it deactivates when the sentry is defeated.

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I once did where you would enter, and a zone would activate a barrier to lock you in. You could use a prop instead of a barrier too.

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Would this work with multiple props? I want to have 6 vines block the door, but I have NO IDEA if this would work

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Yes. Just make sure every prop’s scope is set to player and make the devices deactivate/activate all of them. If you want, you can use channels instead. Do you know what they are?

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If you don’t you should learn

Indeed I do! I’m a long-time creator.

My only annoyance with channels is that they don’t like to respect multiple players too well… I find wires are more consistent.

Ok, I can see that, and it’s your choice anyway

Channels and wires, in the gimkit code, are almost exactly the same. There are a few edge cases of things where there isn’t an option for channels or wires, but the gimkit team is slowly finding and fixing them, so that channels and wires can both do the same things. But backend, channels and wires aren’t really different in the way they send information.*

*info in this post is assumed based on observed gimkit behaviour with AUO, and also how I would implement channels and wires as a programmer.

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