One action worth more points?

I have made a game mode similar to an escape room. There are four teams all working to break out of a set of rooms. The players earn points for answering questions, breaking barriers and buying items. Once they break out of 3 rooms, they enter a hallway with an end game button. I want the end game button to be worth more points, like the golden snitch in Harry Potter, so that the team that escapes first automatically wins.

How are you currently giving players points? Are the points represented by items, or properties, or something else?

I have the points set to property on a specific channel.

I haven’t been on Gimkit creative for a while but if I remember correctly you can connect the button to a counter with a wire. The counter should display the property that stores points, and you can see the button to increment the property by a larger amount in blocks or in the device settings.

That is how that works, although @nbroughton will probably need to use wire repeaters to trigger the counter multiple times from one button press.


How do I make that work

Make a trigger with blocks and when the button pressed triggers it go’s to the blocks and set property to the property + (Something.)

Can you be more specific

Ok button → trigger → blocks in trigger set property to property + amiunt of points granted → Ends game.

Where do I find the end game block?

End game block is not a block it’s a device, sorry for the wait I was busy. But you could have in the code so it broadcasts something and end game starts on that channel and boo.m, your done!

You can use wire repeaters set to no delay to just get multiple outputs like this.