Ok So i need help AGAIN

How do i set it so that when you switch teams it doesnt make you respawnnn??

have when you respawn it teleports you back (btw there is no fix for that to my knowlage)

oh there isn’t? Thanks Anyway though

Did my solution help you?

btw do you know how i can get my lasers to blink specifically for 3 secs and return bk to normal for 3 secs?

Yes Thank you very much :slight_smile:

have a repeater turn on the lasers every 6 sec and make that set off a trigger delayed for 3 sec that turns off the lazers (I think that would work)

bc it would turn on and then 3 sec later it turns off then back on after 3 sec bc the repeater is for 6

Screenshot 2023-06-04 202515

SO Like this then?

Yessss Thank You it worked tysm

yes that might work and have the repeater start at the start of the game (or whenever you want)

NP, i’m always glad to help :+1:

Use a knockout manager, and wire it to a team switcher!

And that should make it not make you respawn?

No that’s so when you respawn it sends a signal (I think)

Instead of using a team switcher, give the player an item. Then use checkers to do things to players who do or don’t have the item. This is called psuedo teaming, and it’s very effective.

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I used that for a team switching button