Ok I am looking for ideas for a water mill

I like it it looks a bit better than mine, and thats rare.
Screenshot 2023-09-20 7.58.42 PM

A lot of people who weren’t ogs didn’t remember me when I came back so i wasn’t really pinged for help or anything :P

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oh, well now you are back and ping able :slight_smile:

I tried adding some water. It could be improved but i think its good enough.

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I think I’ll use that one

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Yeah i thinks its nice, and look at this guide i am making, it shows my best work and it was made on may 23, only about a week after creative came out.

wait quick tip after you add water change the green barrier to blue to make it look better.

Hey @Thats_Gimpossible did you look at some of the images?

it looks nice but i think you shouldn’t use plastic colored floor as real among us usually has more bland less saturated colors.

like i said it is old, and i wanted it to stand out so when you entered a different room you know what room it may be, also one boring color is lame and as you know i like to be creative.

if you want to do that i wont stop you. just suggesting if you want it to be more like the original skeld map.

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Ok, thanks for the suggestion, but i am not editing it, this is how i left is 2 months ago so i am leaving it the way it was, but thanks.

cant get the barriers over one another the largest one is overlapping the others

did you click on the layer icon next to the delete icon, and go until the center barrier is highlighted red and hit the arrow untill it is above the other barrier?

no i did not do that

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the tab in the upper left is the layers tab. there you can control whats on top, whats below, and whats above or below!

also if you wnt to know how to do that cool water effect i did you can change the layers from 1-5 when placing terrain. to many people overlook this and only use two terrain layers.

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here it is :grin: my first design!


(with some help from yall)

removed some corners