Ok I am looking for ideas for a water mill

I am looking for ideas for a water mill

just ideas for now.pls

Design ideas or devices ideas?

design ideas for a water village map

use a bunch of rotated wooden poles.

I’m out. ClicClac + design = bad. @WolfTechnology, can you tag team?

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another question, can you, like create friends?

OK so @WolfTechnology for design and @ClicClac for devices?


i’m also trying to make walls for a house biuld

yeah i am the most active and one of the top 3 best designers on the forum.

like this?

Let me see if i can do some thing and show you how to make a water, wheel. and then i can tell you how to do it.

yeah that kinda looks like what i was thinking of but i would make it biggewr (back!)

OK trying to not be a burden with the designing of my maps,I don’t really do this kind of stuff

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I might use a circle barrier underneath it colored brown and a smaller one colored the background on top of that to make like a ring around the poles (make sure the barriers are underneath the poles)

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Thats just what i do, i’m known for my designs and i use my knoledge to help other.

if you want, you could design it on my map.

something like this

this one looks a bit better

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I like it it looks a bit better than mine, and thats rare.
Screenshot 2023-09-20 7.58.42 PM