Ok, how would I say, make a thors hammer situation

I want to, say, make a situation where depending on how you act in the game and the choices you make, you can grab a really good weapon? Is-Is that possible?

If you have a junction point (important choice), make a good choice and a bad. The good can get an amazing weapon that you can overpower, but bad is regular weapon. In short, yes.

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Is it a problem I have never heard of this?

No, I’m an extreme gamer, and I just know a lot of terminology. It’s fine. Please mark solution and no more replies pls.

Lets say every good act, they get +1 on the good act property. Or just use properties and check the true or false. Then, if checking and ur checklist is good, and they did what u needed to do, they can then grab the weapon!

also, my bad th3_ca1tsune

It’s fine. Yours is a bit more advanced, so mine would be simpler, but yours definitely works. Another option over property to make it easier, tickets. Now pls no more.

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Yes. I agree, I think the best one would be tickets. Saving that memory, and just needing no blocks at all to do it!

Heres my developed idea. (Tutorial, btw, since he didn’t really get it step by step.)

If the player does a good choice, give them a ticket. A bad choice, take away using item granter using - your number.

Use a checker to check the certain amount of tickets they have when they click a button. If it passes, and they have that certain amount, let them pick up the item. If not, give them a notification or something that gives the reason why, would be in this case, sorry, you weren’t good enough morally, or something as your notification.

But yeah, sorry th3_ca1tsune, just wanted to make a step by step tutorial, cause wasn’t given, Incase needed.

(mark Th3_ca1tsune, by the way, he did the idea, not me. I just did the tutorial.)

Final reply, yeah. It fine. I might make a guide on this, thanks for the idea about checking good choices. I’ll credit you in my guide. No grammar police pls on my typos.

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Sorry in the shower. Also, the ticket thing may not be the best way, then they could stack the tickets by doing the same thing over and over. I want it so the game remembers what you did and applies it. Any more ideas @Txme_Lxss?

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Try making it being able to do it once, cause if your using a trigger, you can make it trigger able once.

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Oh, alright, thanks!

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It might not work, unless you used everything through triggers. But hopefully you can do it. Good luck!

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