Ok...How do you make a Gazebo?

How do you make a gazebo? Is it even possible?

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like, you can walk under the gazebo? or is it just like a prop.

you mean out of props and barriers? anything is possible with barrier art.

Yes @MrEgg , I guess we can make it under it or not, and @sir_lancelot , what is barrier art? I’m curious now.

art out of the device barriers

example from my game


ah…Are all of those barriers?

foxy are you gonna answer my question on the padlet

no it’s props.

oh. My question is how are they so big?

You change their size.

@AnyPerson there is a button to resize it
@Nature_Boy_Drama16 are you stalking me?

no I’m just browsing through the forums and then I saw you so I asked

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Thank You @Foxy and @sir_lancelot I see it now :rofl:

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gimkit needs more tutorials though

like what

Cues Friday the 13 theme.
ch ch ch ah ah ah

Here is one that I made for my Clue game.


uh aren’t those props? also @AnyPerson please mark a solution if your solution is in one of these amazing peoples replies.