Official Map Memory

Is it possible to build every official map in one big map? yes or no

no, but you can make mini versions of them like in snowy survival

now that you question it…
do official gimkit gamemode maps have a memory limit?


I strongly doubt that official gamemodes have a memory limit.
Potato, it is definitely possible for at least a few of them, since they’re relatively memory-light. Size should be an issue either, if you use camera zones.


I’m trying to recreate the entire gimkit lore

For instance, snow brawl and snow survival probably take like ten percent each.

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Just from terrain and the wall limit alone, probably not unless you get creative. Memory limit shouldn’t be a problem until you try to add in one way out. I would guess that would take up about 50-60% of your map due to the amount of sentries. Also, the amount of block code optimization you can do (don’t use block code unless you have to, it’s very memory hogging), the better.

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Yeah, that is the only problem with fishtopia memory. I actually saw in fishtopia, after teleporting with a boat, a brief flash with the edge of the terrain and a field of triggers. I even got a screenshot. I’d assume those are the blocks. I would guess there were at least 10-15 triggers.

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Which boat?

Purple pond, I believe.

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Snowbrawl is tiny, what are you talking about?

Also here’s a picture of the Fishtopia map, they have a TON of triggers, dunno why.
Fishtopia should generally have only a few blocks. You need 4-8 for the fish rng of each map, though you could probably do it with 1-2 with a bunch of optimization. You’d need some for the IIMs controlling backpack size, and then some for the actual selling mechanic, though they might just use vending machines.

The game c0de doesn’t work, don’t try it.

I know, that’s literally what I said.

10% is a lot of memory though… whatevs

With terrain and props and some devices it’s not.

How did you take that picture

Gimhook. Before you ask me what it is, look it up in the search bar.


which site do I download it from

It cannot be downloaded on school devices though. Now, let’s get back on topic, or @potato1, mark a solution to prevent clutter.

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