Off-Topic Topic?

I’m new onto this forum so I don’t know much about it
But how come there’s only four topics? Why not add more such as an off-topic on where people can chat about anything such as food and music? It could help the four grow and let others chat about other things
and reduce the bans since people have been getting off topic (so now they have a topic for what they are discussing and not get off-topic! :D)
was just wondering. I don’t mean for this post to be rude, inappropriate, or anything else.


chatting ain’t allowed that’s why


We can;t chat here, the forums are to help people not chat, you can do this on the wix, or Padlet though.

Feel free to message the @moderators about forum suggestions

but it appears to me that you already chat
so would a simple solution be to just make a new topic?

there’s a reason why it’s called a “gimkit creative forum”

and yeah, i got flagged once for that, and warned once

some get banned (one guy got banned forever, but he also did bad things to people)


Yes we did, but the moderators said that we might get banned.
And so not anymore.
Also isn’t there 6 categories now? Gimkit awards and updates are one.

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well the average user can only use 4 of them

Oh okie

would it be bad for me to request one then?
bc I don’t wanna get banned

the reason why chatting isn’t allowed is we need this to not get blocked

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You wouldn’t get banned for asking, after all we have freedom to suggest/ask but it’ll probably get turned down

are you talking about the forum getting blocked?

yes these forums are meant to help with GKC if schools block it as a chat it can’t do it’s job

oh that’s not really a problem
there are other forums with an off topic topic and haven’t been banned
I currently am in school and can access plenty of them

the point is this is not a chat and will never be

Bc your school must be nice

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erm my school is actually pretty strict

in blocking a lot of schools use ai to block sites that are games and chats
please stop arguing and mark a solution

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