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i really spent 5 hours grinding

I think you beat Snowy survival by surving untill the timer runs out? But you can just search on Google. (If you have it)

There is no app or website. Do you mean talking to the Crafter in Snowy Survival? Because there is not a real way to beat SS. I think I saw something on Fandom, though. You can go look. @HiMoThYjustgoated
And this is off-topic.

but whats the fandom website

@gimmaster12345 there is a vault that has 10 gold keycards ur supposed to open it at the top-left corner

search Snowy Survival Fandom I can’t help you after that.

Oh, I don’t play Snowy survival so I guessed.

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This really is off-topic… @HiMoThYjustgoated

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