Off-Topic Post [Do Not Reply!]

Mar '24 - This is a guide for you to understand how rare your gims are. We will be going from new to old, so I will delete any that aren’t doing that.

(Apparently can’t do this, don’t reply.)

This is:

  1. I think pretty off-topic
  2. Gims aren’t related to Gimkit Creative
  1. not a wiki
  2. don’t post guides with nothing in them
  3. you can literally just check

I just started… jrhukf

Yeah… but @Foxy’s right… It’s not a wiki and you have the wiki tag also you are only basic and I heard people say that you can only edit 1 day if you are basic

Also, yeah, you could just go to those fandom websites and other websites so this is basically useless. no offense


what? edit 1 day???

you have 1 day to finish this
only post wips if you are tl2 or tl3

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Yeah that’s right

(post deleted by author)

That’s just mean. And rude. You should gain a better understanding before you post! That’s so mean to say!


I don’t even know why I came on here…

Ok, pls dont stay mean stuff about this site tho, 1. It could have u banned, 2. Many ppl enjoy this sit, and as @BananaBunny said, that’s just mean and rude.

not for those that has it blocked tho

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