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[/poll][poll name=poll2 type=regular results=always chartType=bar]

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for the first 2 just comment the image

The first two polls are not working.
Also, I suggest that you choose the thumbnail yourself, because once you have a poll started, it never ends

just comment the image if you like one of the first two

Why is each picture in its own poll?

i couldnt make it all one poll

try putting the names of the creators on the poll then below correspond each name with their picture.

Why is this off topic?

Ayee my thumbnail is winning :smiley:

Also why is this off topic?

Off topic? Good riddance not accepted.

Also, whoever put the “off topic don’t reply”. I tell them, why is it off topic???

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Yeah and stop replying to this?!
Mine was suppose to be last.

The owner put it on for some reason… this technically isn’t, but since the owner wants people to stop replying, we should stop…

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Alright I don’t know why he would put it tho
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why is this off topic? im so confused

@Coolcaden26 read this part

ohhh, my bad, i didn’t see that
no more replies from me

Let this be the start end of off topic replies/replies in general
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people just said polls last forever and i can just choose one, i chose yours