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Does somebody mind buying me the season ticket? I promise once I get home I’ll buy whoever does it the season ticket. I have my credit card at home. Just post me the link to buy it. I can’t finish this project without it. I can’t delete worlds. :face_holding_back_tears:

Be patient. This isn’t the place to ask for season ticket, so please don’t. You can wait a few hours.


I never have a season ticket in my life

Your right. I’m marking solution. It’s just I’m not online often at home.

YOU HAVE A CREDIT CARD??? my mom wont let me buy “frivolous things” :frowning:

I wish someone would buy it for me but :frowning:


[This is the link]https://www.gimkit…com/season-ticket/N4IgrgzgpgTgkgExALhANgIwGYCGAWADgICM88o0EB2ABhoCYsp6BODBAVhABoQoAPAA4BLGDgAuwgPYA7FBioYMHNGir16AXyA

@Godspawnking (you are the best) (replace the https://www.gimkit …com with .com and itl work)


Can you buy it for me too

I don’t really know you much. I’ve seen @Caternaught online more times then I’ve seen you. No offense

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Okay, but I really want it…

I have to do it once I get home @Caternaught . Now let’s try to not respond.

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Wait, could you do it for me?
(i dont have money…) :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I can’t do it for everyone… But maybe. Lol can’t find the right emoji.

Guys- you shouldn’t be asking strangers for season ticket. The devs have been pretty clear on this in the gimkit discord server. To quote them, “You should only be sending buy-for-me links to people you know”.


I was just going to buy one for caternaught and be done. but then everybody started asking…


Btw whoever switched it to devices, thanks. I forgot to do that when I changed the title to off-topic.


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