Off topic[dont reply]

Why do i have over 7000 plays on my map that i published on wednesday?

maybe your game became popular overnight

what is it called id like to give it a look

a simple answer is that you made a good game

Yeah, and this kind of off-topic.

The game is called Cookie GimClicker…

off topic from what?

ALOT of people play clicker games u just added one onto gimkit, thats probably why

Oh, ok, I was worried because its gotten 4000 TODAY alone.

whats off topic? us saying that his game was good?

cause if it is ill stop

it is very off topic you cannot just post about your maps accomplishment, congrats tho…

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ohhhhh ok yea ill stop, but really tho congrats

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It isn’t related to building or anything GKC, apparently. It’s just saying his game got 7,000 plays in a short span. And why is this under Help?

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:+1: ok i got it no off topic stuff my bad