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Hi, I’m gonna explain how to get XP extremely fast in this VERY SIMPLE guide.

Step 1: Host Tag with a kit that is able to earn XP (has only one correct answer)
Step 2: Go around buying upgrades (you get 200-300 XP per upgrade/area purchased)
Step 3: Once you buy all the upgrades, end the game then start it again

This is one of the best ways to get XP. I got maxed out very quickly.

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@THEHACKER120 why did you change it?!

Because people don’t need a guide on this
Pls keep it in the device section and mark a solution :white_check_mark:



i used dld (whilst also speedrunning) but off-topic

Well it’s a guide, so why would it not fit? I couldn’t find anything in the ToS against this.

first of all, everyone already knows this :moyai:
second of all, this is not related to gkc (your posts will get flagged as off topic if not so)
third of all, if you didnt reply and listened to hacker, this topic wouldve been deleted and no furher drama would escalate (like the forum can turn this in a war sometimes)


it’s gimkit creative forums, not regular gimkit forums


Ah, I see, sorry.


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