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I mean what would be a good game mode to add to gimkit, including skins like how knockback was based on retro fighting games, (and smash bros.) therefore adding the Pixel Skins, or dig it up adding the Broker, (also the season ticket was based on mining and digging so referencing the release of dig it up, so what possibly could the next season bring us?, we already have a water based one, (fishtopia) a “sky” based one but really it was more of the release of platformer mode…2 snow-based ones,(snowbrawl and snowy survival), a space based one (one way out) 2 echo vs vortex modes, (tag: domination and capture the flag), a sports-based one, (blastball) and a farm… yup just a farm simulator, and this or that but we don’t talk about that one… so I’m thinking either a desert themed season ticket and gamemode, maybe we finally get a fully fledged survival mode, I also thought of a food based one, because of the many more food based gims, or a music based one on riff, I know I’m ranting about a game with walking beans, also about another gamemode that doesn’t involve kits, because this or that is the only mode without a kit, or a story mode I could say, it doesn’t have to be scary just a story mode with bosses, lore and battling, (kinda like one way out with its lore…) and last but not least, a artistic like mode, because they’re are some gims that are related with art, like the sketch gims that are animated or the like waxy and pencil pack, and they have the most gims related to the art concept, anyways if you think I’m a mistake on wasting 30 minutes on this, comment your results, of some gims that could be added if the season ticket was based on my concepts.

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