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  • Capture The Flag
  • One Way Out
  • Snowbrawl
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  • Farmchain
  • Don’t Look Down
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Ummm maybe put this in the help section and say why you need this?

Moved to devices. And this is kinda off topic

CApture the flag, because it reminds me of the good days when we played gimkit in 4th grade…
Also, I COOK in snowbrawl so that too

yea sorry about that just moved it to help

@GIMKIT.CREATIVE this is pretty off-topic

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I agree, so take this down after you collected enogh info.
(Do you need this info at all)

if anybody picks tag…
We are going to have some problems

nah jk

Its a little of topic…but anyways I voted for “Don’t look down”

This is kinda off-topic
Please delete before you will be flagged

You can’t delete a post once people have replied to it…

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Im sorry i put it in the wrong place but i changed it to help

Please move this to devices and mark a solution now or we WILL flag you!
this is off topic as you are not asking for help with gmk this is something that should go in the wix.

wdym u click the three dots and then click the trash icon that shows up

Yeah, but you can’t delete it

i moved it to devices

Now y’all pls stop replying to this topic

OOOOOOOH i see now .

it looks that it is in devices for me but i dont know about your screen

please mark a solution.