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Thoughts on this Topic?

This itself is off topic…

Do it on the wix…

Yea why arn’t codes allowed?
Edit: NO MY CATS :heart: :black_cat:


It causes clutter and people who actually need help will be ignored.


To precent this place from being a chat bout that game

Oh! Thats terrible! :heart: :cat:

Codes actually were originally allowed, but they caused so much spam that they were banned.
(So there is no argument for bringing them back, since they’ve been proven as a bad idea.)


What if people meet on the forum and they want to play together but they can’t send a code? the wix

they could share their codes on a wix or padlet

I cant go there. Its blocked for me. :heart: :black_cat:

:open_mouth: well… I guess life happens…

It’s very very sad…:heart: :cat2:

Nevermind, the solution doesn’t really have any relevant sustenance
(Please delete)

The wiki is blocked for most, so I wouldn’t recommend it

Dang, well, it was worth a shot.

This is off-topic, @RUSHINGLIKEAfROG can you mark a solution to close this? Thanks.

Okay I will don’t worry,

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Just don’t be off-topic