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Did not mean to post, my bad.

umm hey this is offtopic you can’t do this

@Gimkit101 @THEHACKER120 @WolfTechnology can you help me idk how to handle this

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Ok, I will delete. Sorry, I am new myself.

Welcome to the forum but this is off topic

it okay you just havent read the rules once you do you can understand this place

They saw that. They don’t need 70 reminders about how it’s off-topic.

Welcome to the forum, @DoubleDash ! I hope you enjoy your time here!

This is off-topic and isn’t allowed.

Feel free to reach out to me whenever (except on weekends) for GKC help on the forums or in the chat box on my Gimkit blog, GimStream.

I recommend that as a new user, you read the TOS and FAQ. These resources can be crucial in making the most of your time in the forum.

Additionally, you should check out the forum-beginners and forum-tips tags for more GKC forum information. Please work with us to bring about a new Era in the forum - one where conversations are on-topic and as little posts need to get flagged as possible.

Have a great day!

welcome to the forum @DoubleDash

Thank you. Have a good day yourself.

Please no advertising

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i am saying welcome sir.

i hope you have fun here! :slight_smile:

we hope you make exalent changes here and have a good time learning.

(i have a bigger welcome in progress)

This doesn’t need 10 replies.
No more please.
Keep calm and carry on, Gimeous Solverton…

@Cellofive, it’s not advertising. I’m offering help in a different resource.

im allowed to welcome, its my thing. (ask @WolfTechnology)

(not trying to argue, sorry)


They know it’s off-topic. You don’t need to say it 50 times. I feel like as soon as someone puts off-topic in the title, all of you immediately click it.


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