Off topic clarificaiton

What is the news about the new gimkit mode and update on friday what happend at the gamenight last night

The gimkit mode is creative platforming (dont look down’s) you can make. It’s only available to gimkit season ticket holders.

not what i ment the mining gaemode because i was looking at comments and it said something is happening this upcoming friday so tomorrow what is happeniing what’s the new major update being spread around social media

Friday is a cool community planned event. The mining gamemode’s release date is still unknown.


okay more detials please als are yo just making clickbit comment to get people excited or is this for real life that hte gamemode mining thing is going to change worlds but same mode

More details- no. All will be revealed tomorrow.

And no, this isn’t some clickbait thing. It’s a real event.

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Really??? :open_mouth:

Wait, so it comes out tomorrow? Or just more leaks.

(so coming onto gamenight tomorrow dude, hopefully)

The announcement is tomorrow.

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what announcment what time

I can’t give an exact time, because I don’t have one, but it’s sometime in the next 12 hours.

Clickbait alert someone lie about the gamemode changing worlds impossible don’t believe them

I think they mean that the unreleased gamemode will have a randomly generated map each time you play it, which is true and has been confirmed by josh.

also inapropiate osmething on something gimkit warning is in affect someone put cuss words and threats on the feedback page

wait @Blackhole927 is it battle royal which has been in the making for 4 years (or 2)


“womp” ah well my best guess out the window ill wait