Now I need to know how to use a checker

I have been on gimkit for a year and I’m making a prison game pls help me

Checker. When the check passes, activate the button. The button should be deactivated on game start. And welcome to the forums!

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Thanks for your help

welcome to the forums @poison_king!

Please mark that as a solution if it works so this can close.

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I’m trying it its pretty confusing to use

now I need to know how to use a checker now

change the setting under check 1

heres a screenshot

yeah that looks fine, so that setting is making the checker check for 1 gold keycard, but now you need a way for the checker to be triggered (also can you let me know what you are trying to do, maybe you can use a vending machine instead of this being so complicated)

thats fine, but how will the checker get triggered?

I have the question maker ready so when I get it correct I get a gold key card then I need to press that button that needs the gold keycard

try this:

why dont you use an invisible vending machine instead? like if you were to use this keycard for a door, just add a invisible vending machine, make the required item a gold keycard and change the setting to transmit on channel, and deactivate on purchase, and add a wire or channel to when deactivated, hide prop or whatever you have for a door.

you can also add a zone, add a wire > player enters zone > run check (if you were to use the checker method) add the zone wherever u want

we cant share codes its against the rules

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok. I understand

have you tried what i said

it has a lot of editing to do it