Now i need some help fr

Lol i need help this time no deadline just for fun and learning gimkit i want to make a Cop and robbers game where you steal money etc and get tagged into jail and stuff but I’m gonna need ideas and also i want just 2 robbers and how much ever cops so ideas and how to fully execute this idea???

If you want two robbers or cops have 2 relays that select a random player and switch teams connected

Game mode: coop
Lifecycle->relay random player → team switcher
The random player relay should also relay to
Relay all other players → random player → team switcher
The reason why you add the all other players is so you don’t choose the same person twice.

If you want ideas on places to rob maybe do robbing things from like jailbreak on roblox

Well, you also need something to rob. Hook up and endgame device to whatever the robbers objective is.