NOTIFICATIONS are not working helpp

Kinda complicated but, I’m making a hide-and-seek game with a chat that is sent to all players. Whenever I’m testing it out though, nothing happens. I can’t do Dayy’s idea because I’m at 90%. Any suggestions on how to make it send to everyone?

action → relay (all players) → notif

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that isnt working either

(put this topic in Help)

What’s supposed to make the notification go? Can you take a screenshot of what you have?


you could’ve put a typo in the channels or wired the wires incorectly

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btw i cant take screenshots my comp wont allow it

double checked nothing

What’s supposed to make the notification send?

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the popup is my first thought. Changed to relay but both just send nothing

I mean, under what circumstances is the notification sent? What’s its purpose?

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I press chat on the game overlay, then it sends me a popup saying what do you want to chat with options of Hi! or Hey! Clicking one of those should send a notification.

Okay, then.

It should be something like this:
(overlay) button pressed → (popup) open popup
(popup) call to action pressed → (relay) relay (all players, in its settings)
(relay) relay → (notification) open notif

this should work, if it’s not, you probably made a mistake somewhere

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yup, that’s the exact thing I did. It’s not working sadly and another thing is my server is going to shut down

If your server’s shutting down, save all your work, close the tab, and reopen it.

also i cant check any of your work cause you cant put screenshots so that’s a toughie

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okie ill try sending the screenshots btw

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It got destroyed ''o


Its now allowing screenshots!

Do you have an alt in the game to test if they can see the notification?

Also, what part isn’t working? Is the overlay, popup, or any part not showing up? Or is it just the notif?

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The notification isnt showing up


do you have an alt tab (not the keyboard shortcut, but another tab in-game)?

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