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So, here today, we’ll (I) will be discussing the “scope” of a notification. So, here, you shouldn’t have to use a relay to set who see’s the notification. You can use wires or channels to get the notification activated, but once the notification is activated, there are 4 different options to choose from. So for example someone clicked a button to activate it, either EVERYONE would see the the notification, which would be like a worldwide announcement. Or you could have all the people on the person’s team including them to see it. Kinda like a secret message for the team. Then, if you wanted to, you could have only the person that activated it would see it. That would be for like, when you’re making Among Us and you completed a task or get notified that you’re imposter. Finally, you would have that everyone on the player’s team EXCEPT that player would see it. I don’t really see the use in that one but it’s there nonetheless. So, this basically shows that you don’t need a relay for the Notification Device.

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Look at the Ultimate Guide for Every Device.

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also this


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The point of the guide was to kinda go into equal or higher detail than the guide you based it off of, not to write one paragraph getrithekd-style with no pictures.


Are you talking to me? Or him?

I write multiple paragraphs, explaining as much as I see fit.


Read a few posts here.

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Yes… People who follow my guides should have more than 2 brain cells. Guides spoonfeed and I’m not going to make them more so.

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You can add pictures without spoonfeeding people the guide. If you want to discuss this more, take this off of GimSolver’s guide and onto Discord.

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I added a picture…

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maybe we don’t care about the guide that much and want some order and not nonsense

@GimSolver yes

So should I delete this?

Can I have access to DoD padlet? @Blizzy

It’s kinda a repeat… I don’t know… @ClicClac?

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It’s his guide, he gets the final call.

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