Notification is sending twice

Alright. This is supposed to send four notifications, counting down from 3, and ending in a notification that tells people to go. However, ever since I have been working on debugging the second track, the notification system has stopped working properly. Instead, it emits TWO notifications, and skips 3, going directly to two, then zero. This messes up a LARGE portion of my game. Any suggestions are welcome!

Do you have the notification sending to the triggering player or to all players?

All players.

And how many players are you testing this with?

Just myself.

Ok… what does the relay receive on?

If the notification is sending twice, I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

Also, I want to see what happens when multiple people play.

It’s sending the same notification twice, and then skipping to the last notification.

Upon further inspection, this trigger is the problem, it is transmitting twice instead of once:


Can you show the channels lol?

For which device?

The relay and the trigger you were talking about.


Upon further testing, the problem seems to be some properties being set to one twice, doubling the output.

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check if the pulsing wire is getting sent twice.

Try rebuilding it then. Use different channels and property names.

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I’m going to build it without using properties.

If it still doesn’t work/keeps doubling the signal, then I have no clue.

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Maybe with the wires you made something send twice.

The current system that I am using doubles when broadcasting to update the property. (The two triggers on top of the vending machines) The signal is somehow doubled, even though you can’t activate both vending machines (Or both triggers) at the same time.


What are the trigger settings?

(this is why you should send me that gk8 game link :point_right: :point_left: )

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