Notif system for tagging

i have two tagging zones, covering the whole map, that alternate every 45 seconds for tagging
how do i make a notif system work so one team gets go tag and the other gets run away
and it alternates
(this is like the 7th time i asked bc none worked)


Add a notification device activated by the same channel that switches your tag zones


ok found a problem
for some reason, my system that switches the the tag zones doesnt work
can someone help do the following:

  1. Make two tag zones switch which team can tag for 45 sec
  2. Send notifications for teams that are running/tagging

I already said i’ll look into it for you


Connect a tag zone and lifecycle device to a trigger with a 45 second delay. Connect the trigger to the tag zone so it deactivates it and to the other tag zone so it activates it.
Do the same thing I did above with the other tag zone but with a separate trigger and connect that trigger to both the tag zone and the other trigger. Make sure the tag zones are not active when the game starts.

Connect a trigger to two relays set to everyone in a specific team. Set each relay to a different tag team. Place two notification devices and connect the relays to their corresponding ones.

Do the same for the other trigger but make sure to use separate relays. You can use the same notification devices (the second pair of wires should be reversed)

What you just explained is hard for a beginner to understand…


I just do that for now, then I clarify later if they need further help. I usually save really specific explanations for guides or clarifications. Besides, in the process of trying to find the mechanics they might discover more.