Not trying to be funny or off topic

How do you make a hot dog

I don’t think you can

You probably shouldn’t make that, as everything on GKC is stored on Gimkit’s servers. Since Gimkit is an educational site, that would probably be considered innapropriate.


I meant a hot dog, shoulda put that right?

yes but still I don’t think you can

I mean you can try drawing one with the terrain tool

Try and use barriers. They’re extremely useful.

you could use barriers for a large scale one, or emojis

Here’s a hot dog emoji: :hotdog:


If you click on the hot dog, it will take you to a site with a LOT more emojis too.

You could use the emoji and put things on it.

did i so something…?

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Dang I guess he couldn’t make up his mind :man_shrugging:


He must have been thinking what everyone else is thinking, that this can either be really inapproprate, or ok.


so basically


Maybe just like, edit your post to not say “glizzy”

maybe use :hotdog: and :dog:in 2 text blocks or maybe :hotdog::slightly_smiling_face:? You can use the text device