Not trying to advertise, but

I want to share my map with other people using the wixsite/padlet, but I haven’t been accepted into the wix, and I can’t post on the padlet. I’m not trying to advertise, but I really need help getting my map at least some plays.

Go onto the Alt Discovery

try improving the map so more people will be interested in playing it again
also put words in the description that people might search

What alt discovery? The padlet you made? I’m not allowed in for some reason.

Check now. If not I will do it tonight

Yeah, it still says I need permission to get in, so just know that I sent a request under the name “TheBKing”.

I´m also not allowed.

Okay, I will add people when I get home

add me too pls

My name would come up as Tamar i think

add me in too.

What is that?

yo I also send a request I’m lumpydump

i asked @RektRainbow they might help u

don’t worry, i’ve been there
my only map only got 11 plays when i shared it
even now, my only map published (i deleted the map that got 11 plays) has less than 200 plays

oh my highest map has 4.7K plays… :confused:

compared to mine, thats hevenly

compared to hide and seek, that’s weak. hide and seek ultimate has 1.5M+.

ik. did you know that i played that very same hide and seek with the creator on the discord.
then i got banned lol

we’re getting off topic tho