Not sure what's happening here, read description

I’m not sure how to do this.

Basically, the player purchases something that gives everybody an extra life.

Let me explain.
Basically, when the player is knocked out, it checks if it’s been purchased. If it has, it adds one to the counter, which updates the property “DeathCount” and revives them.
If it hasn’t they just become spectator.
The other checker checks if DeathCount is equal to one. If it is, they become a spectator.
This seems simple, but it doesnt work for me.

Try making a life counter instead that tracks how many lives you have. When you unalive, decrement the counter and when someone buys it, have a relay that increments the counter. Have the checker wired to the property checking for if the property is equal to 0, if the check passes, switch them to be a spectator.

What happens when you test it?

Here’s a more optimized version.


Counter settings




Team switcher

Replace the button with whatever system you want to activate the relay.

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