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Hello, so I haven’t made a guide in a while so I thought why not make one on the roblox game doors? I hope this helps you. Enjoy:)! YOU BETTER NOT EDIT MY GUIDE

Lobby Mechanics

So for every game I make I have the same old mechanics at spawn and they are: spawn pad of course, trigger, wire repeater, speed modifier, and team switcher.
For the spawn pad I set it to visible in game and for team switcher since we’re doing doors we’re going to use zones as entities, so no need for lifecycle. When receiving killed set team to spectator Now, for the trigger I place it right under the spawn pad so when the trigger is triggered broadcast channel “Begin”. For the speed modifier I set it to 2.00 and when receiving Begin set speed. Also, in the lobby put a zone in the elevator when the player enters zone teleport.

In Game Mechanics

For the lobby it’s easy, just place the boardwalk terrain 12 by 12 and add walls along them, that’s the lobby. Next, for the elevator go to the very top of the map or lobby open grid up and count 5 blocks and delete the 4 in front of them. After that go into terrains and click concrete and set the amount of blocks placed to 4. You see where there is space for 4 blocks? Place it there. Finally, surround the elevator in light stone bricks:

There! You now have a lobby for the players to begin in. You can always add stuff to make it more interesting because right now? It’s plain old and boring. So I spiced it up a bit and if you need ideas here’s a picture of mine:






Ok, for the rooms there are I think 5 types: a normal room, a puzzle room, the library, seek chase, and the locked door. Ok, so for door 1 you just come out of the elevator and you always see the reception room:

so we’re gonna remake that into this:

also make the fence not have collision
try to make it look similar I’m too lazy to explain.
Now for the mechanics add a button that gives a player the item and add a barrier and vending machine to the door. Make the vending machine cost the item the player grabbed earlier and when the vending machine is purchased unlock the door

You can’t just make a guide that has nothing educational in it

Drafts exist, google docs exists

And do we really need a tug on this?


oh how i love drafts

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Please don’t post a guide if it doesn’t have anything in it. Maybe save it as a draft?

I’m about to add stuff if you’ll wait

Wait lol I thought you were talking about these doors :door:
No, its the roblox game
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I honestly thought regulars known better. but as other ppl said, use the draft thingy already implemented in the gkf, or if you already have once, use google docs.

what!?! … why do I get this type of treatment I’ve seen other people do it so I thought it was ok and those guides didn’t get these types of comments

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could you just close this topic(mark a solution) and post the guide hwen ites finished?

I’m thinking of scrapping this stupid guide


Don’t this is a really good idea and if you work on this this good be really good.

shush I want no more commets

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