Not letting me modify items

I am doing the Gimkit creative tutorial, and when I try to modify the item giver, it highlights it with a blue box, rather than letting me modify it. Reloading sometimes fixes the problem, but it also restarts the tutorial.

Are you on an iPad?

Welcome to the forum! If you are on mobile, that may be the case, since mobile is very buggy. Otherwise, make sure you click directly on the item granter and don’t drag your cursor.

@Blackhole927 @NavyCatZ

I am on computer - a chromebook to be specific.

As I said, make sure to click, not drag. If your Chromebook has touchscreen, you can try clicking on the item that way

Touchscreen does not work on my chromebook.
I am clicking, not dragging.

Also - it is doing the same thing in a non-tutorial map I’m making

Have you been using alt+tab?

That usually causes the error. Try using other keyboard shortcuts.

That I have. Thank you!

I use alt tab, and you just have to press alt once and click for it to go away.

@getrithekd Thank you

You’re welcome!

DO NOT DO THAT. It basically guarentees you only being able to select that item no matter what you do.

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