Not Finding P.M.L when I look it up

When you look up P.M.L, you don’t find it. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

It’s a bug. Look at this topic for more details

I think it’s a bug. @Mineflyer

although solved its same for me its just a thing where you need to scroll for it

Thats a weird bug, wonder why its doing that. Maybe email gimkit while you have the screen shot. their email is

it’s not a bug you have to search by what it stands for
portable muffin launcher

it should come up when you search P and scroll if it doesn’t then it means its getrithekd’s bug type.

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But it’s listed as “P.M.L”, not “Portable Muffin Launcher”. It not showing up when P.M.L is searched makes it a bug as it’s listed as P.M.L

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the item is technically a portable muffin launcher my guess is they shorted the display name
bug implies it wasn’t intended

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