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last month josh said that platformer would be added in the following week or two, but now it’s december and we still haven’t gotten it

i know game development is hard, but if it’s that buggy get some playtesters or something idk

It’s not gonna be added till the new year, i think that’s what they said… they have been busy with lots of updates and blastball releasing…


oh really? must’ve misheard then

It won’t come out until january, because gimkit is not online during the holidays and does not work on it then. Plus to make this update will take extremely long so don’t expect it for some time.


No on discord josh said january to febuary is when it should come out.

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I meant the new year, never specified exactly when…


the term next year is a bit vague, so to give the range of release would just be the first two months, because next year could mean June.


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