Not a needed post

@CAPRISUNS here is the wiki post for you and @Green_Fox98

What is this guide for, or what is it going to be for?

its going to be a wiki on the anatomy of a gim, right now im trying to gather more info about their biology


@GimSolver you just made me madddddddd

just ignore him, if you want to change it change, it you don’t need to ask.

are we not gonna question how they are immune to fall damage? the greatest example is don’t look down. You can go to the top all the way down to the bottom, and they just land like nothing happened?

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the more important question: where are their hands?
gadgets just randomly float around with nothing holding them

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i was wondering this so i googled “what animals dont have fall damage” and quickly felt ashamed i used the term fall damage in a google search about biology :sob::sob:


they have telepathic powers

This is something for the wiki, not the forums.


thats simple telekinesis.


i just made them a wiki, idk exactly what it was for.

Yeah, this guide is about Gims, not Gimkit Creative. Like Jeff has said so many times, this forum is for answering and asking questions related to Gimkit Creative. This clearly is not.


Do you want me to ask him to archieve it? hes online.

bruh you are ruining it it does’nt always have to be about gimkit creative

No, I’m trying to keep these forums alive.

Tell me, is the anatomy of a Gim Creative-related? No. Go to Discord or the the Wiki for this. And don’t even tell me it’s blocked.


In my opinion it could stay but it needs to teach something instead of random theories

thats true honestly my bad, i may get a wiki account and decide to make a page there because this is actually pretty interesting.

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