Not a glitch, off-topic

I can’t get it but my friend can

1.Why is the art request tag on this post

2.So can you explain what’s going on in words?

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i think its saying that his friend can buy a skin from the shop, but he cant

@Blake_the_GOD maybe check if you already have it or do you have enough gimbucks?

also remove art-request and move to devices please

Sorry I don’t think you understand, Waxy is a skin that was given out today to teachers as a teach appreciation day gim, You can only get this gim if you are on an educator account. You cannot change from student to educator account anymore so it is impossible to get this gim.


Wait what Waxy gim? Correct me if I’m wrong but in the store there’s only the Spotlight skins, Ozi, 2 Graduate, and Pinky.

check the post before ur post

Ah ok so @Blake_the_GOD your friend probably is on educator account while your on student account.

1st do you have a teacher account. In not. 2nd how long is your account age. 3rd Waxy skin is not in the store it is a popup. click it then scroll until you see the button. if it doesn’t work then your account has restrictions on. might not help if nothing on this works. If anything said works reply to me here.

waxy skin? what is that?

its only for teachers

What Is This Sould We Flag Wolf

thought so, anyway how do you switch your account to teacher?

uhmm you cant do it any more I’m guessing like a safety hazard idk

You can’t…

strange, i believe you can some how.

U might be able to I Really don’t know

You don’t anymore. They just removed the feature to do that.
It might come back, they probably removed it for teacher’s appreciation week.

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no, why…that sucks :frowning:

yeah it really does its just a rare gim now any way

yeah but i wanted to make a class… not for a gim.