No Weapon Shooting Zone Bug

First Bug Post!
So, I am making a Kit PVP map, and after you choose a class, it tps you to a loading screen, which after 3 seconds you get tp’d to the map, in the loading screen, I have a zone so you can’t shoot. But in the map, you still can’t shoot, even if there is no zone there telling you that you can’t
Any Way To Fix This?

wait does this work with sentries? because it happened to me but it didn’t work on sentries

If you teleport too far away from a zone, you wont count as having exited the zone. Weird bug.

The Map is only like 20 blocks away from the loading screen

That is very strange indeed.

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Instead of using a no shoot zone, try using a 1x1 tile space so that the player can’t shoot anyways

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Okay, I’ll try that

Be sure to place the spawn/teleporter exactly in the middle, so that the player doesn’t count as inside of the wall and walk through

Can the player see the edge of the zone where they teleport to?

It is covered by a barrier

If you teleport out of a zone the game won’t count that as leaving
that is just how zones work

I suggest not giving them a weapon until they enter the map

There is a strange feature of gimkit that makes it to where when you teleport out of a zone or something like that it will carry over the data that the player had, this caused this bug to happen. What i suggest is that you should put a zone where the person get teleported to that allows weapon shooting, that should work to fix it.

then there is no point for the loading screen ._.

you keep the loading screen but don’t give them a weapon until after it

the entire point of the loading screen is to make sure they have everything before they go into the map

then infindently give them health when they are on the screen

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