No connection bug?

Whenever I attempt to load into my Hollow Knight map, it says no connection. Any other map works though.

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Check Gimkit Status and see if it’s working fine. Refresh or email Gimkit.

Like I said, that’s the problem. Its uniquely that map.

Specifically that map? That’s strange. I think the best solution is to email Gimkit. My theory is since it’s hollow knight, it probably has loads of memory and functions that it’s not working properly. But, that’s just a theory.

Go here for debug links (at the bottom): chrome://chrome-urls

Probably what KrishnaVA said ngl…
This really sucks :sob:

wait did it work???
pls pls pls pls pls

I hope it does. Hollow Knight is so long. I hope this game was fixed.

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I forgot to mention that some of the debug links may crash your device for a period of time…

It didn’t work :(

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Also, I love your pfp

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It’s my sunday PFP!
hollow knight or pure vessel better?

Fight wise? Pure Vessel. Design wise? Hollow Knight.
@tired_rat: Nosk (this is my irl friend who got me into hk)


Reload the tab, its happened to me too. (I mean just open a new tab and try again)

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