Ninjago like games

help i can not make this tingy

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are you asking how to make a game like ninjago? maybe base it off a rpg

or a dungeon crawler


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Maybe you could use overlay buttons for cool prop effects that look like an attack (I don’t think there is a way to damage people other than weapons, lasers and sentries)? Also welcome to the forums @ninjaaaaago!

there is not another damage method

welcome to the forum @ninjaaaaago

Welcome to the forum!

like prime empire can you

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it is about ninjago and so people can help me by looking at my old stuff

k sorry from 123coolcop123

help!!! it is not working

What is not working?

Yeah, what exactly do u need help wit?

What do you need help with? Devices, wiring, etc. Someone could help!


bendy i need help with the map i am good at wires and devices

a prime empire platformer

platformer a prime empire one