Nickname Bug in Gimkit Game Joining

So basically, last week my teacher hosted a Don’t Look Down game (which I obviously crushed everyone in), and even though I typed “cringe” as a nickname when I joined, my name was “MongoError.”

Then today we had a class-wide Capture the Flag game (in which my team won 59 to 1), and three people’s names were “RosePenguin,” “VioletShoe,” and “CoralKitten,” even though they had typed in their own names.

Other than these two times, I have never seen this before.
Has anyone else had this happen before, and does anyone know why it happens?


I think Gimkit has a name-blocker system where if you use an inappropriate name, it turns your name into a Randomly-Generated Name.

Since you said your classmates typed out their real names, I don’t know what happened.
(Unless their real names mean something bad which I’d doubt…)


That’s happened to me before when i was joining someone’s game. It goes away after a while…


I use the name “cringe” in, like, every game I j0in, and this has never happened before.

I also know that one of my classmates typed in the name “PumpkinLatte” and got nickname generated.

edit: we just played another game and the same kid typed in “pumpkin” and it got changed to “BeigeShirt”


Goes away? You mean the name changes back to normal during the game?


No after like a day, when i rejoined, it was fine. Also sometimes it did let me have my name and sometimes not…


1: I don’t think it’s inappropriate, has any of your classmates experienced it?
(When they j0ined a game with their name as “cringe”)

2: I don’t know why this happens.

3: Might be the gimkit servers acting wacky.


yeah, this is probably a glitch, it has happened to me a couple of times too, although it didn’t happen again after a day


Yes, as I said, several of them got it as well with completely different names

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Wow, I’ve never seen this before when I’ve joined games. It’s probably a bug that needs to be reported., perhaps?

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there is a setting teachers can turn on called nickname generator. they probably turned that on.

no, you can’t turn that on when hosting gkc to make, also, they said they didn’t turn it on.

Maybe when there is a glitch with the naming system GIMKT’s auto setting is the nickname generator.

@Rusty yeah but most students had the names they typed in, and everyone got the “enter name here” box, not the nickname generator

Maybe there was a nickname generator and it just glitched out and made you type your name but it had a name already for you. Or that names are just innapropiate now.

I tried to name myself OuterSpace once because one way out had just came out and it autogenerated my name

Yeah… I dunno anymore.