New user please help

So I have been on an off the forums for a couple months, and I forgot my info cuz I got a new computer.

Two questions

  1. Solved
  2. Someone posted a site during all the wixsite chaos. Where did it go? It was made by someone on here, and it was more like a blog. Idk it looked cool

Hello, and welcome back to the forum!

I unfortunately think you cannot get your old account back without the info :frowning:

If you don’t have your email or username you can’t

What site are you talking about?

It was like a rip off wixsite but I liked the colors more. Someone with Gim in their name made it I think…

Welcome to the forum @ZYX

Well, in that case, if it’s not here, there must’ve been something wrong with it.
It might’ve been erased for a reason.

Do you mean this website?
Ive been on it for a few days now, nothing is wrong with it.

GimStream | Online Gimkit Blog

Yes! Thank you! Appreciate the help

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No problem, and again, Welcome to the forums!

what is that

why is it here over the main one []

why do people copy so much

That is one of the questions the forum may never answer.

can someone please explain what wix is? im new-ish and dont have any idea what people are talking abt

Wix is a website which is more like a chat area for gimkit.

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Wix is a website editor. @CringeKarlScott made a site with it a while back.

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blocked on my school laptop. I’ll look at it at my house


Oh, does your school use Bark? Cause if so, you can access blocked websites.

(If you see this in the top right corner, you have bark.)

no… dont see that. thanks tho!

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The person who made this uses it as a blog…
but ok.

Uh ok, but it’s pretty new.

Technically the layout on the main site is also blog.