New Update: March 22nd, 2024

Some small updates and fixes in today’s update: March 22nd, 2024

Also, be sure to check out a new community-run event, The Gimkit Awards: The Gimkit Awards! - #232


First reply
But not first like because I ran out


The Gimkit Awards is closed. Can you unclose it please Josh?

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3rd to reply yay!!! Can’t wait to see


Oh ya, sorry, thanks.

Edit: Thanks Cello (I ran out of likes)

Edit edit: Yep, I think I have forever and ever

Please don’t yell at captain-gim

Edit: captain gim, I ran out too lol

Sorry, I’m just stressed. :sob: I just wasted 2 whole months of my life and I now have to postpone the Gimmie Awards several months - I just can’t emotionally take someone forgetting that I was also making an awards program and confusing them. :sob:

I’m so sorry, @Captain-Gim! Can you ever forgive me?

Ya sure. I wasn’t even offended in the first place. You’re fine. Thanks for the apology though.

(I remember when my general used to yell at me during World War 2 (back in my day))


daaang you guys are on a ROLL this week!

and @GimSolver.Alt answer these by editing your post:

  1. what were the names of the two forums gimsolver made
  2. what was gimsolver accused of on discourse meta?
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Always down for a good ol’ bug fix. It seems like you guys are doing better with the frequency of them!

Stop it! Not more updates! This category is going to have something new every day. Now I need to update my update spree thing. (You can keep it open, it’s a joke.)

Let Josh cook though.

Why would this happen?

@Captain-Gim Because the system said no-no

How could the system say, “no no.”

Because it feels like it

This happens sometimes, just edit your post and put the quote back in


Awesome! Updates/Bug fixes are gushing in like crazy!

Another update? Hmm… nice :+1: It is quite helpful.