New Update: February 5th, 2024

would it be allowed if I made a game where 2 sentries shoot the ball and we wait for one to hit it to the other side?
cause you’d have to guess who wins, and it might be considered betting.


they don’t target the ball
they just hit it by accident


Sentry interactions!

(are going to be patched very soon is my guess)


I checked to see if sentries tp and they don’t

Sigh Just like the others

But maybe not

Props, Barriers, The Ball (from blastball) and a few more devices that can interact with projectiles will not be targeted by a sentry unless the sentry detects a player (or another sentry) in it’s field of view causing it to accidentally hit said device that can interact with projectiles.
This could be really useful, as sentries could be good at goalkeeping for people making a football/soccer game.

Speaking of football/soccer, maybe we could brainstorm things that could be possible with the new update, most ball-related sports could now be possible (bowling was one of the first that came to my mind)


why? do the devs want it patched? I’m confused.


it was seen as a bug when sentries could teleport

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Well, the other sentry interactions were patched. What’s the difference with this one?

that’s my point, why were the others patched?

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This will help @speedy_kd4 with making pong, because of the ball mechanic


the sentries (for now) could be like an upgrade in a ball game where it can block it.

Wait can we still make sentries not shoot with zones?


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New ways to trick friends yay!!


we can use text to make it seem like they’re players

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Is there the correct font?


I saw it in one game- there should be. Except idk which one that is…

It used to be in. Now it’s been patched.

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I don’t think there’s a correct font :l just tried it now… best I could get:

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