New map pls help

I just deleted one of my maps and i need a new one anybody have any ideas that is not very popular, i already have prison and other big map


Working Among Us would be amazing

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i dont play and i want something original so no

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A theme park with working rides
P.S if you need any ideas just call me


but how, the only thing that moves is people, and you cant force them to move

I made a tycoon… you could make one too.

Another idea would be to make a game which at the start you can choose a job, and there you can get income. Then, you can invest and put your money in the bank, gamble, and bet money. Try to get the most money. I don’t know

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maybe an exploration map
make it really big, slightly like roleplay, and let players explore da world
maybe add an quest too

(actually ima do that)


Have you ever heard of the game Pirate Ball?

It’s a variation of Capture the flag. Each team gets 4 balls, one of each team’s color. Whichever team gets four of their own-colored ball wins. If you’re on someone else’s side and you get tagged, you go to jail. In order for someone to free you from jail. They have to interact with you. Anyways, there are more rules, but could you make that?


nice idea
i just witnessed ur profile pic change

yeah it’s a contour plot now

its hurting my eyes (this is getting off-topic)

ok so
i just decided to make the explorer-roleplay thing i mentioned earlier

why did it remove the quote

or u could use this i guess