New map not showing on new releases?

Hello, first post here.
So, I know there’s several posts about this, but none of them talk about the fact that the map isn’t even showing when you search it up, the map name is called “Hollow’s Skill Trial (M)”,
Is there any flagged word in there that would potentially stop it from being shown?
And if it is just a matter of waiting for it to be shown, is there also somehow a time it takes for it to even be searchable?

try looking at this guide and it may be new but many new games show up every hour so for it to show it needs to gain attention quickly. And it may not e showing up when you search it because your not searching the description. Also welcome to the community!

Hello, @hollow! Welcome to the forums! Glad to see you here!
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Here might be some reasons why your map is not showing up:

  • Make sure you’ve actually published your game. It costs 1,500 Gimbucks, or none if you’ve purchased the recent season ticket! If you pressed save instead, it only saves the map and doesn’t publish it.

  • The game has to be appropriate and not bad — if someone reported your game for being offensive, violent, or unnecessary, it might not be available. If this happens, you might not be able to get it back. Try unpublishing it and editing it— remove the [inappropiate] content.

  • Not every single map might show on New Releases. Dozens of maps are recently published-- it’s okay if you don’t immediately see it. Refresh and try again until you see it— the loading of maps isn’t always the same every time.

  • If these don’t help, email They might be able to help. Expect a response not immediately, but eventually.

you have that typed on a docs or smt, no way you just typed that fast

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I’m usually a fast typer. Sorry.
That’s why I can usually reply to topics so quickly.
It’s an advantage, I guess. I understand.

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it was a joke no need to be conserned.

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I thought it was 1000 gimbucks…

As soon as you typed this, it showed up on new releases.


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They changed it? Hm. Last time I checked—
I guess I can changed it.

Oh my lord. I accidentally took the Recently Played as the New Releases tab.
So it isn’t actually there yet.
Still, the solution in this thread probably is still true, and it will show eventually.

Yes, but you don’t have to do it every time.

Also, am I like… allowed to use these here?

Apologies, it isn’t showing, I made a mistake with the tabs, I’m sure it will start showing in a bit though.

Ah, alright. I understand.

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This was sent before I realized you saw my comment about it, FYI.

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