New Ideas needed for a game think of challenges too

Hi, i’ve been a little unmotivated to start a new game as my brother deleted it because I took his pencil :rage:

could you give me a game that ill be motivated to make, a game that is fun, and a challenge to make this prodject more interesting?

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just choose something that you like

yea but I dont know what I want cuz im a little unmotivated

just chill and play other games on discovery while you think of ideas

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Try something from here:

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A couple of ideas:
Pokemon style combat (with popups)
A game with storyline
Just a couple of ideas
What are you into?

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Welcome the the forums @b_urn!

If you are looking for a fun challenge I can suggest among us

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Thank you! I’ve looked this website a couple of times but just now thought to sign up

I hope you enjoy your time here

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guys, I was looking at game ideas and ive decided, its time that I strech gimkit to its absoute limits, im gonna make a DND game, but not just ur ordanary grab game game, its gonna have:
-a wheel/ die 20
-interesting gameplay with randomly chosen events


nice idea

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Great! Be mindful of you memory on that map tho… that sounds like it would use alot of space
Great idea tho, its unique

I would reccomend a rouge-like game where you traverse several different “levels,” or areas. It’s fun to make and play, and can be a great thing to get you motivated again! :+1:

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Make sure to mark a solution @Chocolate1534!

A Motivating game, is that what you said?
Okay. You can make a town conquest game.
Journey through the once-forgotten ruins of Gimcountry long after the Apocalypse came. It wiped out everyone, from Gims to trees to pets. EVERYTHING. How about the survivors? Well, lets say they aren’t so friendly anymore. It’s your job to explore, unlock and find the corrupt power generator in order to restore civilization. Watch out though, there’s ambushers hidden everywhere, wanting to get a taste of you.
So what did I mean?
Well, this game. You make much towns (I use cracked oak as the walls) with a ruined look wilth them. When you go through town, you’re equipped with a zapper to protect you from ambushers. the next town is surrounded by a barrier that needs to be unlocked.
hope it helps!

ROTFL :rofl: also, a game that might motivate you is an arcade style game, where you can fit lots of mini games. I did this and it makes it easier to map out

That’s sad that your brother deleted your game but you should try to make a old style looking story based game I would definitely play that but it’s your choice.


@connor_mallow Welcome to the community or the whole website!